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Project Description

VoteMyStyle (VMS) is a private style rating application. The members can create their styles, can have their styles voted on, or can vote on styles themselves upon VMS requests.


• Vote My Style is a "lookbook" creation and sharing app developed for both iOS and Android.
• It's a private style rating app, where users can create looks/styles by uploading their pictures alongwith descriptions of clothes and accessories they're using for that particular "look"
• Friends and other users can then rate the uploaded style.
• Using UIKit with multiple XIBs and storyboards at the app's core, we were able to deliver massive levels of customisation to the client.
• AFNetworking and JSONModel frameworks were used for networking and sharing features.
• The ability to cache images was added since the app uses a lot of image data.
• The app will be compatible with iOS 7 and above.
• Core development for Android version is based on Reactive Programming which optimises the app for server communication latency while asynchronously updating the UI.
• GCM is incorporated to send push notifications for important app events.
• The app works for Android version 4.0.3 and above.



• Objective C
• Java
• Rest Api implementation
• Json Parsing