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The Nug Nation

Project Description

The Nug Nation is a series of short, stop-motion animated clips featuring your favorite strains of weed transformed into unique, charismatic characters. Each episode will highlight the unfolding drama of Nugville, a fictional small town in Colorado where affy and diesel run the local gas and service station. Be on the lookout for the rest of the townspeople as they live, work, and get into comical shenanigans.


• Streaming HD video to watch the latest from The Nug Nation
• Browse characters and cast
• The first ever Avatar Nug Builder
• Shop merchandise and other fun novelties.
• Create your own customisable Nug character with our ground breaking avatar builder. 



• Objective C
• Java
• Php
• UI Design
• Admin Panel
• Apis Development
• Rest Apis Integration
• Json Parsing
• Video Streaming
• Avatar creation
• Social Sharing