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Pet Texter

Project Description

Pet Texter is a messaging simulation app that will let you receive and send loving messages with your pet, whenever, wherever you want!

 Your pet is always there when you need them the most, and now they can be there for you even when they are not physically next to you. Whenever you need a positive message, an uplifting text or just to make your day a little brighter, Pet Texter will allow you to be close to your furry family member anytime of the day!

 You already know how much affection your pet brings to your life, but pets also come with some pretty powerful mental benefits as well. Dogs and cats can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and also ease loneliness. Now you can have text messages throughout the day with unconditional love and joy that’s waiting for you at home.

 Enjoy your pet’s companionship, anytime, anywhere with Pet Texter!


• Swift
• Rest Apis
• Json Parsing
• Local Database
• Social Sharing
• Dynamic content management